Second Annual Media Area Preschool Fair

Attend the Second Annual Media Area Preschool School Fair

on Wednesday November 12 sponsored by the

Moms Club of Media & the Indian Lane Parent Teacher Group

This is a free event for parents and caregivers.

January marks not only the start of the New Year, but for many parents, the beginning of their search for a preschool or after school program that will best fit the needs of their child. In order to help parents in this process, the MOMS Club of Media will hold its annual Preschool School Fair on Wednesday November 12, 2008 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Indian Lane Elementary School.

The preschool fair helps parents find the right preschool setting that most meets their individual goals and circumstances. Whatever the ultimate choice, Montessori, church-affiliated, or private setting, sorting among the many choices can be a daunting and time-consuming project. Attending the preschool fair, can save time as well as ensure that a family is fully aware of all of the many choices offered in the community. Representatives from each school will be on hand to answer specific questions from parents.

Participation in a quality preschool program gives children an early start to learning and offers the opportunity for greater academic success in life. However, so often parents make the important decision of where to send their child to preschool based on incomplete information (they may not be aware of all the options they have) or convenience (its right down the street from me) or familiarity (the neighbors kids go there). Having the knowledge to know which program is the best fit for their family and children is what the Preschool Fair is all about.

If you are a parent interested in attending, NO RESERVATION IS NEEDED, please just show up! You can find out more information about this event at the website