World Breastfeeding Challenge in Media

Let's Celebrate Breastfeeding!

BirthMark & Dar a Luz Network are hosting...

The Media site for the 2008 Great Breastfeeding Challenge! Calling all expectant parents, nursing Moms & Babes, breastfeeding supporters and advocates...for a don't miss, fun & empowering event....

Join with Moms & Babes around the Globe on Saturday, Oct 11th @ 11am at the Media BirthMark as we celebrate and support breastfeeding with the 2008 Breastfeeding Challenge.

11am - Moms & Babes will "latch on" to be counted towards the world-wide total (non-nursers are welcome and encouraged to join the crowd in making a statement in support of breastfeeding).

*Snacks and beverages provided.

We will be raffling off a $50 BirthMark gift certificate at 12pm

12pm - A Breastfeeding Support/Education Group hosted by our Lactation Counselor, Jackie Kelleher (a great opportunity for both expectant and nursing moms!)

Plus - Take advantage of a 15% discount off all breastfeeding products at our Media boutique all day on Oct. 11th (Sat. hours are 11-4)

Why? To celebrate breastfeeding and demonstrate promotion, protection and support for breastfeeding women and their families. A great time for education and peer support done in a fun and social way!

Cost? None

So spread the word, forward this to every nursing couple you know, bring your friends & nurslings, and together we'll make a statement in support and celebration of breastfeeding!
For more information call (610)892-5051 or email

To learn more about the Newtown Square Chapter of Dar a Luz Network, please visit their blog.