Earth Day Fun With the Kids

Make a Cookie Wrapper Wallet - thanks to National Geographic

Earth Day 2009: top 10 websites for kid fun- thanks to Jackie Kass of the examiner

Planet Protectors Coloring Book – Color these Earth Day related projects online.

The True Story of Inky the Whale - This 14 page printable booklet is from the United States Coast Guard. Read the true and inspirational story of Inky the pygmy whale. Years ago, Inky was stranded on the beach. Find out how she got there and what happened.

10 Coloring Projects – These printable coloring pages are from Apples4theTeacher.

Printable Earth Day Coloring Book - This 11 page Earth Day coloring book is from the EPA.

EcoKids – More than 50 printable coloring projects are available for download from the folks at

Animal Antics - Write your own comic and print.

Tin Can Herb Pots – What a great idea! And you can eat them too!

Ladybug Magnets – These refrigerator magnets are just too cute.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder – What a great project for kids and it helps the birds, too!

Make a Papier Mache Globe from Enchanted Learning. How enchanting!

Earth Day Litter Bug – This craft project, from Enchanted Learning, could not be easier.

Make a New Candle out of Old Crayons – This craft project needs adult supervision.

Make a Rain Maker - From Squigly's Playhouse.

Crayola Earth Day Crafts - There are TONS of Earth Day crafts for kids at Crayola.

thanks to Jace Shoemaker-Galloway of the examiner

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