Swarthmore Charity Fun Fair 2009

9th Annual Swarthmore Charity Fun-Fair

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1:00pm -5 pm

Swarthmore Septa Train Station College Lane and Chester Road

To kick-off the festivities, there will be a parade down Park Avenue starting at 1:15 behind elements of the outstanding Strath Haven marching band, color guard, fire engines, and local and State dignitaries in convertibles and all the Village services.

Then comes the costume parade section with all the folks who dress in "Make Dreams Real" costumes. All – kids and adults, groups and individuals alike - who come to the Fun-Fair in costume will want to take part.

Starting when the kick-off parade ends – about 2 pm – and continuing until 5:00, there will be continuous entertainment on each of the three raised sound stages around the Village. Last year, 22 groups and individuals filled 4 hours with marvelous music, dance and acts, while, in addition, various street performers made merry throughout the business district.

They will have a Food Court that will be serving a wide array of wonderful snacks and mouth-watering food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Everything from roast pig to Chinese to excellent deli offerings to hot dogs to pastries and more – it means nobody has to prepare Sunday dinner on April 18th!

For more information: http://www.swarthmorefair.org/intro.htm
Location: Swarthmore Pa
This event is appropriate for the whole family
Cost: free to get in, but different activities their may be a fee