Go Batty

Summer heat making you batty?
Then we need YOU! We're counting bats!
Area 8 pavilion at Ridley Creek State Park
6 -9 pm, Friday, July 3

Help save Pennsylvania's bats by participating in a research program sponsored by the PA Game Commission. Join us for a talk about bats, (why bats are such an important species, causes for their decline, an explanation about why we're counting them and directions on how to do it), then we'll hike .5 mile down the bridal trail to the bat roosting area. Once we get to the bat roosting area, we'll need to be quiet so as not to disturb them. Please do not bring anyone who will be unable to remain quiet. Bring water, snacks, a light folding chair, flashlights. Wear study boots for rugged trails, dress for the weather. This program will cancel in the event of rain, high winds or lightening.

Please call 610-892-3908 and listen to message regarding cancellation if bad weather is predicted.

Got bats in your neighborhood? Impress your neighbors and count your own bats. You'll get a bat counting pack to take home. FREE

For more information: 610-892-3908
Location: Ridley Creek State Park
This event is appropriate for older children who can remain quiet
Cost: free