Get Spooked at The Zoo

Get Spooked at The Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo to Host Special Ghost Tours

The Philadelphia Zoo is excited to host the “Be a Ghost Hunters Tour” on Wednesday, October 6th. The tour will offer 2 sessions from 6pm-9pm or 7pm-10pm. Tickets are $45.00 per person and include a free private screening of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters episode, featuring the Zoo, which aired on September 1st.

Enjoy a tour of the Zoo’s most paranormally active locations and investigate the findings of the Ghost Hunters TAPS team. Learn first-hand about the experiences that Zoo staffers have had with paranormal beings. The “Be a Ghost Hunters Tour” will explore areas at the Zoo including the Solitude House, which John Penn, grandson of William Penn, built in 1784 and which formerly housed reptiles; the Penrose building, which used to be a research laboratory and vet hospital; and the Shelly building, now used for Zoo administration.

"The Ghost Hunters episode showcased the mystic activity at the Zoo. We are inviting guests to come and possibly have the same type of experience,” says Amy Shearer, Chief Marketing Officer.

For more information:

Location: Philadelphia Zoo 3400 West Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104

This event is appropriate for: older children ages 10 and older ( it may be a little scary)

Cost: $45.00 per person

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