Tree House Festival at Tyler Arboretum

July 21st
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Celebrate trees and the wildlife that makes them their home! Enjoy an awesome raptor show featuring a variety of hawks and falcons, and see them up close with their trainer before and after the show. Members of the William Rush Woodcarvers Club will present interactive carving demonstrations as well as their finished works of art. Not to be missed is the opportunity for kids to climb a tree like the professional arborists, using ropes and harness under the supervision of Oakwood Tree Care Professionals.

For more information:

Location:   515 Painter Rd Media Pa

This event is appropriate for:  the whole family 

Cost: Adults (16 to 64): $9
Seniors (65+): $8
Youths (3-15): $5
Children under 3: Free