Fun Things Visits Dino Don's Dinosaurium at the Grantie Run Mall

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday I headed over to the Granite Run Mall to check out a cool new exhibit for kids called the Dinosaurium.  Many locals have heard of Dino Don who resides in the Media area with his dinosaurs.  Now you can view his collection of Dinosaurs now on display at the mall.

This mini museum is located in the old New York and Company store located on the lower level, just a few steps from Santa.  The space reminds me of a circus tent. The walls are painted bold colors and it actually made me feel like I wasn’t in the mall at all.  

Kids of all ages will love this exhibit, they get to see dinosaur bones up close.  My daughters favorite part was Dino Dons Shootin Gallery. This reminded me of the games you play on the boardwalk or at a local carnival, when you take a nerf gun and short nerf darts at the dinosaurs.  This was a huge hit with all the kids.  They also had a separate area for kids to color and use dinosaur stamps.

Another part of the exhibit allowed kids to touch dinosaur fossils, and even dinosaur poop. My 5 year old was totally grossed out by this but the expression on her face was priceless.  Another big hit with the kids was the sand pit where they could pretend to be a paleontologist and dig for dinosaur bones.

The dinosaur museum is a fun family friendly place to visit and the whole family will enjoy discovering and learning more about dinosaurs.  Another exciting thing about this museum is it will continue to change periodically, over time, so the kids can go back again and discover something new.

Times: 10am -7pm

Cost: $8 for adults  
$4 for Kids 3-12 yrs old 
Kids 2 and under are free


Check out the video of our visit


Disclosure: My daughter and I received complimentary tickets to visit the Dinosaurium