Folktale Fun with Tahira at World Cafe Live

Saturday April 7th
at 11:30 am

Clever spiders, signifying monkeys and grinnin’ buzzards are just some of the intriguing characters in the folktales told by TAHIRA. Delivered in her signature high-energy style, storyteller, TAHIRA captivates young audiences while imparting universal values such as appreciating differences and being kind with your words.

Joining TAHIRA is veteran percussionist, Paul Lucas, who spices up the folktales with pulsating rhythms of African drums. The electrifying energy TAHIRA and Paul creates on the stage is contagious. The stories and music will live in your heart long after the show concludes.

For more information:

Location:  World Cafe Live @ The Queen -500 N Market Street • Wilmington, DE 19801

This event is appropriate for:   Ages 3 - 12

Cost: Adults: $10 Children: $7