Storytime with Peter Pan at Hedgerow Theatre

Storytime: Peter Pan
January 18th to February 8th
Saturdays at 11am

The Hedgerow Company Storytellers share classic stories in a way that encourages creativity and interaction. You’ll meet the characters from J.M. Barrie’s famous adventure, including Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John and Michael, plus you’ll get to be part of this energetic and creative play. Those in attendance help by playing some of the roles, such as the pirates and the Lost Boys. Later, kids are part of the storytelling, too, when they help the Storytellers create a brand new audience-inspired tale, as they discover that all that’s needed is a little inspiration and imagination to bring ideas to life.

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Location: 64 Rose Valley Rd Rose Valley, PA, 19063

This event is appropriate for  ages 3 and up

Cost: $10