Arden Theatre Presents Beauty and the Beast

I recently attended a preview of Arden Theater Company's new production Beauty and the Beast by Charles Way. 

This isn't the traditional story about dancing household items. It doesn't even have a singing Belle. However, this a beautifully told story of two sisters: Cassandra, eager to experience life; and Belle, who is afraid of the world. It explores the thoughts of Belle and her family, and Belle's motivations behind her choice to leave her home to go to the beasts' castle. It follows Belle on a journey from someone who is scared of everything in the world, to becoming a young woman with the gift of premonition, inspired by love to save the beast.  

The story starts with their father losing the family fortune, they leave London to start over again. But nothing prepares them for what happens next. 

The director's use of shadows projected on white background transports the audience through dream sequences. Children are mesmerized by the shadowy background and how they tell a story all of their own.     

Each cast member brings a depth to their character that is unlike the traditional Beauty and the Beast story, but much more compelling.  

The Arden has again created a production that is entertaining for both parents and children. It is truly entertainment for the whole family. 

Beauty and the Beast runs from November 26, 2014 - February 1, 2015
It is appropriate for families with children 4 and older.
Ticket prices run from $20 to $36
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