Monday, August 8, 2011

Philadelphia Zoo Unveils Treetop Trail

Red-capped mangebey Storm 

I was invited to see the Philadelphia Zoo unveil its newest exhibit, TreeTop Trail. Treetop Trail is a system of elevated passageways and lookouts, situated among the treetops for primates to travel through and explore. If you haven't been to the zoo in a while this is a very cool reason to visit. The Zoo has really made the exhibit feel that you are seeing the animals in their natural habitat, climbing and moving through the trees.

The mesh system encircles Impala Plaza, extending through the existing ring of trees.  Monkeys and lemurs exit their indoor exhibits at the back of the Rare Animal Conservation Center and travel, crossing over the visitor path on each side of the Plaza. It's truly an experience that you need to see for yourself, my kids are still talking about it, they enjoyed seeing the animals move around and walk overhead.

While we were there we got to check out a special program that is only at the zoo until October 30th called  X•tink•shun X•tink•shun was created by the The Jim Henson Company™ to bring the overall message of appreciating and understanding threatened wildlife and nature in all its amazing richness.  There are live theatrical puppet presentations and street performance in Bank of America Eco-Stages situated throughout the Zoo. Each stage stars a puppet character that educates and engages their audience on the plight of endangered animals and habitats. Each performance delivers an upbeat message that you can make a difference; your voice can be heard. 
A one

If you haven't visited the Philadelphia Zoo this year defiantly add it to you list of things to do with your kids this summer or even in the fall.  My kids were so excited to see how the giraffe, Abigail, grew from last year when she was only a baby.  You can also check out the otter pup, Thor, that recently made his swimming debut in July.  

Abigail the giraffe

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Disclosure: My kids and I were given passes to visit the zoo in order to write about our visit.


Anonymous said...

Our family loves the zoo...this is more of a question than a comment. How do you get the animals out of the Tree Top Trail when it's time to close? Just curious. Keep up the fantastic work.
Thank you,
The Brooks Family

Anonymous said...

The Philly Zoo is great! I recommend a membership. It's well worth the money and then you can visit all you want and only have to pay for gas to get there. You can even take food and drinks in (no straws though). There are almost always baby animals somewhere, too.

Tracey said...

I think the animals go back to the rare animal house when the zoo is closed. Thanks for stopping by.