Rachel Kohl Library Presents Piccirillo Sciencetelling

Rachel Kohl Library
Piccirillo Sciencetelling
on August 11th
at 6 PM
Piccirillo Sciencetelling is a New Jersey-based organization offering interactive programs that use science experiments to tell stories.
Each high-energy program is performed by a Scienceteller (a combination Scientist and Storyteller) to create a fun, unexpected, and unforgettable experience where science is taught through stories. It is through this synergy of science and storytelling that Piccirillo Sciencetelling engages the audience, by combining these seemingly different ideas and using the resulting reaction to educate and entertain!

For more information: http://kohllibrary.org/

Location: Rachel Kohl Community Library 687 Smithbridge Rd Glen Mills PA  19342

This event is appropriate for: kids 5 and older

Cost: free