Charlotte's Web at The Arden Theatre - A Must See


Recently, Fun Things was invited to see the play Charlotte's Web at the Arden Theatre Co. in Philadelphia. Most of us have seen the movie or read the book as children and my first thought was how would they pull off a play with so many barn-yard animals in it. I was thinking the cast would be in elaborate costumes and that the set would be elaborate as well. But the opposite turned out to be true.

The entire play takes place under the framing of a barn, with large timbers suspended over top of the actors and some of the audience. The actors are in minimal costume. This approach to the play allows the audience to be drawn into the characters, their personalities and the story as a whole. It lets you focus on the people the animals are rather than the fact that they are talking animals.

The combination of very talented actors and this approach to set and costume design made for an engaging, entertaining, emotional and wonderful production of Charlotte's Web that wowed the entire family. In fact, when you looked through the audience adults and children alike were enamored with this play. 

If you have never been to the Arden Theatre you will love this intimate venue. It has about 5 sections of seating with about 10 to 15 rows each. We were lucky enough to sit in the second row; however there are no bad seats in the entire theatre.

My 6 and 8 year old girls loved this play. Their favorite characters were the pig, who put forth a dynamic and energetic performance, Charlotte, the spider, played by a very talented actress who at points in the play rappels from the rafters of the stage and the Gander who supplies the music for the whole entire play with one guitar and a harmonica. 

I highly recommend taking your entire family to this play.

The Arden is easy to get to. It’s just up I-95 in Old City Philadelphia. Parking is plentiful. We parked at the lot next to RistorantePanorama (also a great choice for a meal).

Dinner & A Show Idea

We went to a 7:00 PM show and took the kids to the Continental Old City for dinner. If you’re not up for the Continental, there are several good kid-friendly restaurants in the area.

40 N 2nd St, Old City Philadelphia

Charlotte's Web is playing now through February 3rd
Tickets can be purchased here:

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Location:   40 N 2nd St, Old City Philadelphia

This event is appropriate for:   The Entire Family

Cost: $15 and Up

 Fun Things received complimentary tickets to Charlotte's Web. Thank you to the Arden Theatre!