Oliver at Footlighters Community Theater

 Friday, May 17th, through June 8th. 
Footlighters Community Theater in Berwyn, PA

OLIVER is a musical whose name most people recognize. But how many have actually SEEN this classic look into Victorian England?

OLIVER isn’t obvious “feel good” musical fare. It’s the story of an orphaned, workhouse boy who is mistreated then sold, escapes, finds himself in the clutches of a miserly old man (who exploits homeless children and fences the items they steal), becomes entangled with and then threatened by a foreboding villain from the East End, and then witnesses a murder.

And yet, this story is actually an uplifting one (spoiler alert: the good guys win!) and has become part of classic entertainment, much like the Wizard of Oz, which appeals in many ways to many sorts of people.

Adults will quickly find themselves in the land of familiar lyrics and toe-tapping tunes: Where is Love, As Long as He Needs Me, Food Glorious Food and more. Children will be drawn to a story line based upon other children, where the title character is a young boy who makes good, while other kids (like the mischievous Artful Dodger) are seen taking advantage of adults with freedom that sounds so enticing to our “impoverished” youth. All will enjoy the comedic aspect of this dark time in England with characters such as the over-exaggerated Fagin and Nancy singing and dancing through their gloomy existences, and imposing Bill Sykes inserting the thrill of a scare.

Consider yourself part of OUR family …. Join the cast and crew of OLIVER going up at the on Friday, May 17th, with weekend shows running through June 8th.

For some additional fun, a special English Pub Night has been put together with nearby EmJ’s Café, allowing you to feast upon delicious English fare before heading off to Merry Old England at 58 Main Avenue. Reservations are required for this June 6th event!

Details and tickets may be obtained at the theater website, www.footlighterstheater.com.